Thursday, August 10, 2006


Yeah, I've been MIA for a while. The muse just hasn't visited me lately, which is a shame, since I have a few things to write about. But in the meantime, I had an Idea to amuse me.

This Idea struck me about a week ago. I mailed a package to M to get the Idea rolling. He received it today. Here are the contents of the letter that accompanied said package.

Dear M,

So I'm starting the topping a bit early. I want you to be ready for when I come home. I want to know if shelling out $100 for a harness is worth it.

Task #1: Insert the enclosed buttplug and jerk off. Then, I want you to write about it and post it to my blog. Let me know when you get this and I'll send you an invitation so you can post to it.

Task #2: If Task #1 went well, I want you to fuck yourself with your new purple dildo. Again, write about it and post it to my blog. And this time, I want video of it as proof.

If you complete these tasks to my satisfaction, you'll be rewarded when I get home (and you'll have to write about that, too.)

Love ya,


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