Saturday, August 12, 2006

Task 1

How ironic. The day Adora’s package to me finally arrives I’m going with some friends to a gay bar. It’s like the butt plug and dildo she sent are the warm up exercise for later on in the night.

I knew the package contained something to do with my ass. I’m a good guesser. So opening the package I’m filled with a nervous excitement.

I’ve read the instructions, held and looked over the soon to be intruders, when I notice the box they were sent in says, “Yummy aren’t they?” – Suppose I’ll find out.

It’s ten months ago. I wake up in the middle of the night extremely aroused with a lovely boner. I caress my cock and body half groggily. I allow my hand to pass over my ass cheek. Unexpectedly it gets close to my ass. After pulling on my ass cheeks to apply some remotely given stimulation, I get up, find a piece plastic for a finger and Vaseline. With a finger inserted, I proceed to jerk off in record time. I’m extremely hard during the entire experience.

Today I’m short on time; my friends are due here in twenty minutes. Quickly, I boot up some porn to get myself in the mood. Then it’s time. I’ve lubed up the butt plug. It’s big, black, glistening, and waiting. It goes in easily for the first half of its length. There’s an increased amount of sexualized physical stimulation as it touches upon my prostate.

My instructions are to insert and jerk off. Sadly, I couldn't make it plug me up.. It hurt too much when the thick part tried to penetrate. So I resorted to wiggling the first half around. Mmmm! This prostate and ass play feels good. Like usual, bit of ass play and I’m coming before I know it.:)

Task 1 complete, Adora.

I'll be soon writing about Task 2.

Your loving bottom


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