Thursday, August 17, 2006

Harvey Wallbanger

Ouch! Looks like I’ll have to slow this down a bit using this position……

Rewind two days prior:

It was time to be earnest about carrying out task 2. A couple days earlier when I attempted the butt plug again and found that it still felt like my ass was being ripped apart, I switched to the dildo.

Lubed up, I put the dome up against my ass. Pushing it slowly plunges in. Ooo, this feels like reverse shitting. I feel the wide part of an object pass through the narrows, but going in instead of out!

I rotate the Dildo. It presses against my prostate. A couple minutes later lying on my back, my belly button depression has become Lake M’s semen.

Fast forward:

Man! I’ve been horny all day at work. I’m ready to be an exhibitionist tonight. Adora, you’re getting lucky!

My Mission: Fuck myself with the dildo and film the act.

Position Options: Lie on my back, Kneel on my bed, Lie on my side – All too boring!

Sitting back in my chair, I’m pondering, how do I want to do this? My wandering eyes stumble upon the perfect tool. Here’s a little impression I drew when I reviewed the film, of how the deed goes down.

|_ _____o
| \ ||
| /


|\ ||

There it is ready for me, a purple, glistening dildo, taped to the wall. It wants my ass. I want to go up all the way. With the web cam placed below the dildo looking up to see the moment of insertion, I slowly edge towards the dildo. I let the dildo press against my ass. I start to push against it, wanting insertion. Ouch! Looks like I’ll have to slow down a bit using this position. I step back, purposefully relax and allow the dildo to enter me.

I have it angled in such a way that my prostate isn’t getting much play, but if I go slowly the feel of the sliding is good. I also supremely enjoy the wiggling sensation. I press my butt up against the wall, back arched and dildo in me as far as possible. I start slow and rhythmic gyrations. Mmmm!

The only thing I’d do differently is make sure I was at least partially aroused before I started! The pleasant effect of being even a little aroused is that a dick, half way to being a full fledged boner, is granted that status almost immediately when a butt plug or dildo is inserted. For instance, I put the butt plug in once, and then looked down a few seconds later and said, “Shit! Where did that come from!”

Adora has the videos now. I think she could be persuaded to showing a couple screenshots if she heard some pleases ;). Also, ask her to see the presentation video. I’ve given her a little foretaste of what she’ll see when she’s all strapped up ;).

Task 2 complete, Adora.

Anxiously, but not apprehensively, anticipating the moment of culmination,
Your loving bottom,


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Hmmm yes ok you are WAY braver than me ;)

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