Friday, August 18, 2006

Technical Difficulties

I am now the proud owner of several hot vids depicting M sodomizing himself. Really, it’s quite a collection.

I wish I could post screenshots of them, but something odd happens when I try to capture them using the Print Screen button (my usual modus operandi for screenshots.) I can paste them into Paint just fine, but then when I try to cut and paste the bit I want, all it pastes is a black square. I’ve tried playing the videos and capturing them from both Windows Media Player and the DivX player, and I get the same thing with both. I think it’s some sort of weird DRM, but I really don’t know.

Can anyone help me with this problem? There are some seriously hot pics in it for you if you do.


I suppose it’s a side effect of being sex-positive that you end up being suckered into taking nude pictures of your fifty-something roommate.

It’s a very funny thing. I gradually revealed this side of myself to him over the summer that we’ve been living together. He asked a lot of questions, and I found myself answering more truthfully than I do with most people.

But now, he’s decided that I’m the most open-minded person he’s met in a while, and he wants me to take pictures of him. In the buff. God only knows why.

I mean, I’m totally cool with nakedness in the abstract. If you want to take naughty pictures of yourself, be my guest. I do it myself, and enjoy it. But somehow, this attitude doesn’t translate into me wanting to see his...anything. I was going to put something more graphic there, and I just CAN’T EVEN BRING MYSELF TO WRITE IT. I’m no prude, not by a long stretch, but this squicks even me.

I guess part of it is the creepy factor. I’m only in this house with him for just over a week more, so it’s not that big of a deal, but I can’t help thinking that this is his attempt to get in my pants. My intuition in these matters is rarely wrong, so I can’t ignore it. I’m not afraid he’s going to rape me or anything, but I feel as though I’m being put into a very awkward situation. But I’ve made myself out to be so open-minded that I’d feel like a hypocrite if I backed out.

It’s harmless, really. I guess I’m just freaked out because I’ve never seen a guy over 25 naked in real life, ever. And it’s just so bloody weird! I would never ask someone who wasn’t either my boyfriend or a professional to take naughty pictures of me. It’s too fraught with potential problems.

So, should I do it? That question is probably moot since I’ve already agreed to it. Maybe I can take pictures with my eyes shut.

Or maybe I can just buy him a tripod and teach him how to use the self-timer. That’s what I did before my photographer-cum-darling came into the picture.

Sigh. One more reason to be ecstatic that I’m going back home soon.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Harvey Wallbanger

Ouch! Looks like I’ll have to slow this down a bit using this position……

Rewind two days prior:

It was time to be earnest about carrying out task 2. A couple days earlier when I attempted the butt plug again and found that it still felt like my ass was being ripped apart, I switched to the dildo.

Lubed up, I put the dome up against my ass. Pushing it slowly plunges in. Ooo, this feels like reverse shitting. I feel the wide part of an object pass through the narrows, but going in instead of out!

I rotate the Dildo. It presses against my prostate. A couple minutes later lying on my back, my belly button depression has become Lake M’s semen.

Fast forward:

Man! I’ve been horny all day at work. I’m ready to be an exhibitionist tonight. Adora, you’re getting lucky!

My Mission: Fuck myself with the dildo and film the act.

Position Options: Lie on my back, Kneel on my bed, Lie on my side – All too boring!

Sitting back in my chair, I’m pondering, how do I want to do this? My wandering eyes stumble upon the perfect tool. Here’s a little impression I drew when I reviewed the film, of how the deed goes down.

|_ _____o
| \ ||
| /


|\ ||

There it is ready for me, a purple, glistening dildo, taped to the wall. It wants my ass. I want to go up all the way. With the web cam placed below the dildo looking up to see the moment of insertion, I slowly edge towards the dildo. I let the dildo press against my ass. I start to push against it, wanting insertion. Ouch! Looks like I’ll have to slow down a bit using this position. I step back, purposefully relax and allow the dildo to enter me.

I have it angled in such a way that my prostate isn’t getting much play, but if I go slowly the feel of the sliding is good. I also supremely enjoy the wiggling sensation. I press my butt up against the wall, back arched and dildo in me as far as possible. I start slow and rhythmic gyrations. Mmmm!

The only thing I’d do differently is make sure I was at least partially aroused before I started! The pleasant effect of being even a little aroused is that a dick, half way to being a full fledged boner, is granted that status almost immediately when a butt plug or dildo is inserted. For instance, I put the butt plug in once, and then looked down a few seconds later and said, “Shit! Where did that come from!”

Adora has the videos now. I think she could be persuaded to showing a couple screenshots if she heard some pleases ;). Also, ask her to see the presentation video. I’ve given her a little foretaste of what she’ll see when she’s all strapped up ;).

Task 2 complete, Adora.

Anxiously, but not apprehensively, anticipating the moment of culmination,
Your loving bottom,

Monday, August 14, 2006

Origin of Love

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Task 1

How ironic. The day Adora’s package to me finally arrives I’m going with some friends to a gay bar. It’s like the butt plug and dildo she sent are the warm up exercise for later on in the night.

I knew the package contained something to do with my ass. I’m a good guesser. So opening the package I’m filled with a nervous excitement.

I’ve read the instructions, held and looked over the soon to be intruders, when I notice the box they were sent in says, “Yummy aren’t they?” – Suppose I’ll find out.

It’s ten months ago. I wake up in the middle of the night extremely aroused with a lovely boner. I caress my cock and body half groggily. I allow my hand to pass over my ass cheek. Unexpectedly it gets close to my ass. After pulling on my ass cheeks to apply some remotely given stimulation, I get up, find a piece plastic for a finger and Vaseline. With a finger inserted, I proceed to jerk off in record time. I’m extremely hard during the entire experience.

Today I’m short on time; my friends are due here in twenty minutes. Quickly, I boot up some porn to get myself in the mood. Then it’s time. I’ve lubed up the butt plug. It’s big, black, glistening, and waiting. It goes in easily for the first half of its length. There’s an increased amount of sexualized physical stimulation as it touches upon my prostate.

My instructions are to insert and jerk off. Sadly, I couldn't make it plug me up.. It hurt too much when the thick part tried to penetrate. So I resorted to wiggling the first half around. Mmmm! This prostate and ass play feels good. Like usual, bit of ass play and I’m coming before I know it.:)

Task 1 complete, Adora.

I'll be soon writing about Task 2.

Your loving bottom

Thursday, August 10, 2006


"Tie me down," he says. He's sitting in his office chair, shirtless, hair caked with the blue dye I'd just finished daubing on. I'd promised him something special to pass the time between applying and washing out, and I'd already spent an enjoyable few minutes kissing him and trying to avoid accidental contact with the colourful goop. His torso is freckled with blue.

I see the wisdom of his request and carry it out, winding our white nylon rope around the chair's arms and his. I tie it tight: too tight, maybe, but I ask him and he says it's fine. M finds it difficult to stay still. It's rare for him to come unless he's the active party, but we're going to conduct an experiment and see if forcing immobility has any effect.

"What should I do with my hands?" he asks, as I busy myself with removing his pants. Genuinely surprised and a bit confused, I look up into his blue eyes and say, "Nothing." His hands are tied. What other response could I give?

Naked now, he sits, legs sprawled, and fully clothed I straddle his knees and take my time, enjoying his lovely, lovely moans as I traverse his chest with my lips and push all the buttons I know. His cock rises like a drawbridge between us; it would be easier to ignore the Inco Superstack. I slide down and kneel between his legs, teasing him with little licks, tonguing his frenulum. I lap at his balls and am rewarded with deep moans. Stroking his shaft with one hand, I lick and suck his head and put my other hand on his thigh, feeling his body tense, his back arch towards me.

I continue, and he seems poised on the brink forever, his arms straining against their bonds. Finally, with an urgent cry, he comes, his cock pulsing in my mouth, his semen bypassing my tongue to shoot directly down my throat. I finish him off with a few last licks, and he proceeds to have the greatest post-orgasm reaction I have ever had the pleasure to witness: he laughs. At first it is just a chuckle, and then it is full-blown laughter, the kind that feeds on itself and makes you feel so damn good. The laughter itself is a kind of second release, almost as good as the first.

Feeling rather proud of myself, I untie him, and his hair having cooked enough, we wander to the bathroom to wash it out.

The experiment? An unequivocal success.


Yeah, I've been MIA for a while. The muse just hasn't visited me lately, which is a shame, since I have a few things to write about. But in the meantime, I had an Idea to amuse me.

This Idea struck me about a week ago. I mailed a package to M to get the Idea rolling. He received it today. Here are the contents of the letter that accompanied said package.

Dear M,

So I'm starting the topping a bit early. I want you to be ready for when I come home. I want to know if shelling out $100 for a harness is worth it.

Task #1: Insert the enclosed buttplug and jerk off. Then, I want you to write about it and post it to my blog. Let me know when you get this and I'll send you an invitation so you can post to it.

Task #2: If Task #1 went well, I want you to fuck yourself with your new purple dildo. Again, write about it and post it to my blog. And this time, I want video of it as proof.

If you complete these tasks to my satisfaction, you'll be rewarded when I get home (and you'll have to write about that, too.)

Love ya,