Saturday, July 01, 2006

Would you let me...?

I want your ass, my darling. I gave you mine, last week, and turnaround is fair play, is it not?

I want you on your knees, elbows against the bed. I want your back arched and that round, firm ass in the air: an offering to me. I want to look down at you the way you've looked down at me countless times before. I want to take you like you've taken me.

I want to feel your smooth skin, caress it with my hands and lips, and then redden it with slaps. You like to do that to me, you sexy, evil bastard; now it's your turn to find out what it's like. You'll love it - I know I do.

I want to watch you stroke your lovely cock while my fingers trail delicately between your cheeks. My tongue will follow the same path my fingers did, wet and a little ticklish, to stop at your asshole. Dirty, you say? No, not this. It's rather wonderful, actually, to lick you here. You'll be tense at first, but you'll relax when you realize how amazing it feels. When you're melting under my touch, when your cock is hard, when you want it badly enough, I'll lube up a finger and slip it inside you. I already know you love this. Keep touching yourself, but don't come. Not yet.

I bought something for you, baby. Your very own dildo. It's time for the penetrator to be penetrated.

I'll press it gently against your ass and it will slide in, slowly, slowly. Like I was, last week, you'll be surprised and pleased at how little it hurts. And how good it feels.

I'll work it slowly in and out of you, and, I imagine, you'll work your cock a bit faster. What a sexy, wanton scene it will be: you, tall, lithe, on your hands and knees, masturbating with a dildo in your ass. I can already hear the sounds you'll make.

Tell me, darling, what's it like to be on the receiving end? How does it feel for you? Do you want to come? Come for me, baby.

And you will.

Good boy.


Blogger LocuTus of Borg said...

I would. Very hot!

9:59 AM  

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