Thursday, February 23, 2006

Young Love

This post by Zulieka made me nostalgic for those awkward teen years when everything is new and thrilling and guilt-inducing, but I had to smirk at this passage:

"It is the most joyously memorable experience of my sex life, the delight of that first oral tryst that took place, so humorously, and endearingly, in the pitch black of a cramped broom closet backstage of an auditorium after an orchestra rehearsal. When we recovered from the fright of the clatter of falling cleaning bottles and clacking broom handles, and my underwear was sidestepped beneath my skirt, his tongue made first contact. What a thrill! All my nerves were touched at once by the most delicate appendage of the human body, a shapely raw muscle unconstrained by bone or hide which could move every which way and besides, was self-lubricating. Intelligent design, my ass! If nature had a mind, penises would be tongues."

Amen to that!


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