Saturday, February 11, 2006

Seven or Eight Inches, at Least

I was bitten by a rabbit yesterday. M, the king of original dates, took me to the park, where we fed the animals (in defiance of several stern warnings posted on the fence.) I survived the miniature horses and the deer without injury, but with the cute bunnies I let my guard down. The furry little fucker chomped down on my carrot-scented finger and drew quite a bit of blood.

Today, I feel a curious sort of ache all over my body. I suspect, however, that this is due less to potential rabies than to being repeatedly ploughed by M's lovely cock. Based strictly on a sample size of exactly one, there is, in fact, a correlation between hand/foot and cock size. This man has extraordinarily large hands and feet; he's extraordinary in other ways, as well.

He's a beautiful specimen, this one: tall, hairless and amazingly fat-free. And damned good at what he does. I almost expect him to vanish in a puff of smoke -- no one this perfect actually exists.


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