Friday, May 20, 2005


For too long, love seemed like an illusion
its golden promise obscured by reason and confusion.
Too often, its favours were thrust upon me.
An invasion.
An intrusion.

Then there was you -- a revelation.
Forbidden, yet familiar, you stood before me,
a hand outstretched.
Not to give, not to take, but to simply caress.

We kissed, a passageway to secrets still unspoken,
promises unbroken,
answers to questions not yet asked.
A glimpse of the faces behind our masks.

The taste of you burned in my mouth
like an ancient truth.
And then, as gently as a ghost, you were inside me.
Your essence rising in my chest.
Your heartbeat pulsing beneath my breast.

Desire burst from you like a string of flawless pearls.

Between my thighs, your hands, guiding me
to undiscovered lands,
treasures in the sand,
pleasures never known to man.

And as we lay together,
the first cool breath of morning on our skin
offering a silent benediction, we knew
that we were not alone,
that in this harsh and unforgiving world
we'd found a place to call our own.

Who says only opposites attract?

--From Zumanity: Another Side of Cirque du Soleil

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Hello lovelies (if I even have readers anymore),

Sorry, haven't found any time to post here in the past little while. I guess I've been too busy having sex to write about it. Alas, I'm now back to the rat race of going to school and living with my parents, so the sex will once again be taking a backseat. That means, however, that my frustration will hopefully result in writing. I have some fantastic stories and some rants to share, once I get my act together.

Among the things I've done in the past twoish months:

-- spent more money on fancy lingerie than regular clothes
-- tied up my boyfriend (with gorgeous red rope that I bought at Walmart, of all places)
-- had hot, steamy monkey sex in the backseat of my car. Many times. I've never seen my windows that fogged, and my car has seen a lot of action in its day.
-- was shaved bare by the bf
-- found the number-one laziest way to have sex (for the girl, at least.)
-- made love in a desert, in the open air. Don't worry, we stayed away from the cacti.