Saturday, February 19, 2005

I like toys: Conclusion

I wrote this out in longhand first and then typed it, because I discovered that I am a complete failure at one-handed typing.


I’m fresh from the shower. I wander into my bedroom nude, feeling relaxed but horny. I’d spent the day, as usual, thinking about my boyfriend. I’m constantly interrupted at my boring job by vivid visions of him: things we’ve done, and things I want to do with him when he gets back. I return nearly every night with soaked underwear and an intense desire to let off some of that pressure. Tonight, I’d put that urge aside until now, but after the sensual pleasure of my shower, I decided that it must finally be obeyed.

I lie down on my bed, vibrator close at hand. I start off by teasing my nipples with my fingers, and then pinching and pulling roughly. There is definitely a direct connection between my nipples and my pussy; I can feel it get wet almost immediately.

I grab my vibrator and turn it on. I place it directly on my clit, no messing around for me. The strength of the vibrations shocks me slightly, I guess I’m still not used to it. My clit responds, though, swelling and hardening. A little moan escapes my lips.

I glide the vibrator down and slip it inside me. I press the angled tip against my G-spot, feeling the vibrations through my entire cunt. Heat and tension gather. I back off, removing my toy and using it to spread my wetness all over.

I return it to my clit, pressing harder this time. My cunt feels empty, and I long for the delicious feeling of his big cock, filling and stretching me. When I can’t take it anymore, I put my vibrator back inside me and attack my clit with my fingers. I repeat this cycle again and again.

I can feel that I’m getting close. I stay on my clit, feeling almost unbearable tension. The plateau lasts for a while, and just when I feel like I can’t endure another second, I come. And come. And come.

Oh. My. God.

I get the feeling when I use the vibrator that I could just keep coming and coming forever. I come for a good thirty seconds or more, and I could probably keep going if I didn’t have to take the thing away from my clit due to sheer sensory overload.

I’m telling you, that thing is the best $40 I ever spent.


Blogger qbert said...

Talk about teasing. You've been teasing me for days and days... I keep checking back here for this post. Thank you so much for finally getting it up. (Interpret that anyway you'd like;))

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