Friday, January 07, 2005

Second Last Night

I've never gotten a hotel like that before, baby. Paid for only so we'd have a place to fuck, and to sleep together. For me to spend a few hours in your arms at least, undisturbed, before you leave.

King sized bed - so unnecessary, since we'd be sleeping glued together anyway. Passionate kisses - so hard, so urgent. But I want this slow. This may be our last chance to make love until you come back.

Unbuttoning your shirt reveals your hairy chest and dark nipples. I run my hands joyfully through the soft mat of hair, loving you so much, revelling in the sheer beauty of your naked torso. I remember seeing your chest in the sauna when we barely knew each other, and wondering what it would feel like to touch it, to lick those nipples. Now I know; I've known for a while, but I delight in each renewal of the experience.

I can feel steel against my leg as I press myself against you, and it makes me want you right then and there. Patience. Savour this.

I suggest a shower. I know how badly you want me, but I want things too.

Both of us naked now, you hold me, and we look at ourselves in the mirror. I love the contrast of your strong forearms against my pale, vulnerable skin, your hands cupping my breasts. I love your sweet face, your smooth skin and unshaven jaw. You look so strong, so beautiful, so capable. I place my life in your hands; I am yours.

We step into the shower and you soap me up, and I swear to God, your hands on my skin are like liquid fire, a lava flow. We switch and soon my hands are slipsliding over your body, your beautiful hard body. You are mine; I claim you even as I give myself to you. I kneel before you to wash your legs and feet, and I am so overcome with tenderness and longing that I feel like weeping, and my cunt streams juices like water. I feel raw, all exposed emotion and desire. A naked blade. I am eye level with your cock, your gorgeous uncut cock, and I run my hands up and down your massive, rock hard thighs. I kiss your shaft, just once, a tiny soft kiss.

We get out and wrap towels around ourselves, Lord knows why, considering we are just going to take them off again.

You grab me and push me onto the bed. I can't wait any longer. I pull off my towel and yours; it slips off your hips and there you are, all lean and hard, my heart's desire, with an erection that makes me want to sink to my knees in gratitude. Your thick cock, foreskin pulled back, the head huge and red, begs to be touched.

In one smooth motion you're on top of me, and I moan as you enter me; you thrust yourself home. Home.

You bury yourself in me, sword and scabbard, right to the hilt. It is wild and unstoppable, that force that takes over when you do this. You fuck me so well, my darling, so sweetly and so hard. I can hardly muffle the cries that escape me but I manage it so that I can hear your ragged breathing, the involuntary cries that escape your throat as you lose yourself in me.

You pull out and cum with amazing force on my belly and chest, with my hand I milk your cock until I am awash in your essence. You relax next to me and I smile, content.

I need another shower.


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