Thursday, December 09, 2004


I love PDAs. Public displays of affection. In this case I don't mean my public displays of affection with my boyfriend, though. I mean, I love watching other couples engage in it. Why? Because I like it when other people are happy. I like seeing that other people are finding joy in each other, that there is nothing they would rather be doing than touching each other. There is not nearly enough joy in the world, so seeing any small addition to it is good.

I don't understand those prudes who get upset by it. On numerous occasions my boyfriend and I have had dirty looks and even nasty comments thrown our way for kissing in public. I always feel sorry for the people doing this, since they clearly are in need of a little affection themselves.

Of course, anyone doing anything too intimate in, say, the grocery store, is going a bit far. For me, though, there is absolutely nothing hotter than watching a couple feel each other up on a crowded dance floor.


Blogger Amberjane said...

Normally, I would agree with you. This morning, however, I dropped my sister off at the bus station to catch a bus to the airport. There was this couple, snogging & giggling & hugging. Normally, this would make me so happy, and make me want to kiss my man too. This couple had been ravaged by too many years of hard living - leather faces, reeking like cigarette smoke, and they actually had a cooler full of beer with them. It was still nice, to see that they were in love, but it made me more sad than anything else. I wanted to envision them healthier. I guess no matter what kind of happiness you find, it's still happiness though, no?

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