Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Jude Law's got nothing on my man

Top ten reasons why my boyfriend is the sexiest man alive (at least to me):

10) He always opens doors for me. He gets mad when I try to do it for myself.

9) He's studying to be an engineer. There's something so sexy about engineers; they're so precise and logical and capable.

8) He has a slight hint of an accent because he was not born in Canada. It just turns his 'th's into 'd's and makes him pronounce certain words funny but it's enough to drive me crazy. In a good way.

7) He has the softest body hair of anyone I've been with, and there's lots of it. I love my men hairy.

6) He is unbelievably beautiful when he smiles.

5) He grabs me in public. I love that.

4) He knows when to be civilized and when to misbehave.

3) He has a deep sexy voice that I love to listen to, especially when he is speaking his native language. (Although, when I tickle him he giggles most delightfully.)

2) He knows exactly how to touch my body, even though by his own admission he is inexperienced. He's a natural. Mmmm.

And the number one reason why my boyfriend is the sexiest man alive:

1) He can undress me with his teeth. Shit.


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