Saturday, December 04, 2004

I still can't get enough of you

(Continued from I just can't get enough of you, baby)

The night wore on, and we stayed awake, shifting positions, enjoying the ebb and flow of pleasure from one to the other. Sometimes I lay still on top of him, feeling warm and safe and knitted to him by gravity and the strength of his arms around me. Sometimes I hovered above him, my hands skimming lightly over his skin, darting in quickly to kiss the curve of his ribs or a dark nipple. And sometimes he nestled between my legs, kissing my mouth, drawing wet ticklish circles on my breasts with his tongue. There was nothing in the world but him; my senses were full of him, his touch, his scent, his breath in my ear.

But through it all he would never quite let me touch him in the one place that I yearned for. His cock seemed rock-hard and I marvelled that he could restrain himself through all this. My own cunt throbbed, a hole begging to be filled. But even more than that, I wanted him in my mouth. I desperately wanted to give him pleasure.

At some point I decided to end this coy bullshit. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and eased them off; his cock sprang out, hard and beautiful. I heard him make a sound deep in his throat as I lightly touched the silky shaft. It felt wonderful. Like heaven. I began to stroke him in earnest, and after a few minutes he groaned:

"Stop, or I will make a mess of your sheets."

How could I explain to him, this good, innocent man, that this is what I want? That I want his hot cum to paint my body with white streaks, to fill my mouth and all of my other orifices. I want to drink it in, his essence, the distillation of everything he is.

Instead I did as I was told. I stopped. And I leaned over his prone form to take his hard cock in my mouth. It was such a short time, such a precious short time that he spent there, before I felt him contract rhythmically, strongly, depositing into my mouth spurt after spurt of the sweetest cum I have ever tasted.

I planted a kiss on the soft head of his penis and crawled back up the bed to nestle small and happy in the curve of his broad shoulder. And was struck with the sudden, demanding urge to do it all over again.


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