Thursday, December 09, 2004

I am so insanely happy right now

I have been dreading Christmas. Well, I always dread Christmas (damn it is such a depressing time of year,) but this year I have been dreading it even more than usual. This is because my boyfriend was supposed to leave for a different continent right after it.

I will be in a different city from January to April for school reasons, and my boyfriend will be gone during that same time period, also for school reasons. Now the rub is, if it wasn't for some silly circumstances, he would be in the same city as me.

However, I just got some fabulous news. His work visa will not be coming through until after New Year's, so we will have quite a few precious, precious days together in my new city. Ahh to sleep in his arms night after night...and hopefully engage in some other, fun activities...


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