Sunday, September 12, 2004

Welcome to the Cruel World

Sunday afternoon was spent, as usual, waiting for him to call. He's one of those guys who makes vague plans, promises to call, and then waits until the last possible minute on the appointed day to do so. I'd spent the past week in the Dominican, baking in the sun by day and masturbating frantically by night to Spanish softcore porn and the thought of his hard cock, the body to match. It had been weeks since we'd fucked.

Finally, the phone rang. My parents were gone, and visions of a long night in his arms danced in my head as I went to pick it up. Alas, he sounded distant and uninterested, and suggested we meet for 'coffee.' Ah, I thought, so he's decided to end it. It was a relief, and a disappoinment. Relief, because I knew we were going nowhere; disappoinment, because he was a great fuck and I was incredibly horny.

I started thinking about how to get laid almost before he was done his speech. A friend of mine worked at a nearby movie theatre; we had never been intimate but I knew he wanted to. Well it's his lucky day, I thought, and drove over. Sadly for him, he wasn't working that day, and I left as hungry as I had come.

I went home and fired up MSN. Sure enough, my ex-boyfriend and erstwhile fuck buddy was online, and I started making small talk. Pretty soon I was detailing the break up and talking about how badly I needed to sleep with someone. He was as willing as always. There was one small wrinkle, however. He lived almost 3 hours away, and I was due back at home at 9am the next morning at the latest. It was already 10pm, but I thought, to hell with it, I'm going.

It seems like a long way to go in one night for cock, but believe me, it was worth it. The story will continue...


Hey there, sexy. My name is Adora, and I will be your hostess for the duration of your stay. I am a good little 19-year-old Canadian church girl and student who just happens to be horny as fuck. My friends say my life closely resembles a roller-coaster, and since they apparently enjoy living vicariously through me, I thought a wider audience might enjoy it as well.

Thanks for visiting; I hope you come back and visit me again, really, really, soon.


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